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About Me

Hi! My name is Sarah. I am a Web Designer.

I started in web design 16 years ago when I built my first website at a science fair (I won by the way). Fast forward quite a few years, I graduated with honours in New Media Web Design. I continued my education in Computer Programming with honours as well. Both from Niagara College Canada.

I am a mom, wife, cook, baker, teacher, nanny, and pretty much anything else that comes with the mom territory. I find sitting down in front of a computer, working away on various projects, really puts my mind at ease. One of the many reasons why I am still in the industry. I also love to solve problems.

I am a Christian and I am always trying to let that important part of me shine through my business. One reason why I got the name Bluefishsign. I actually had this name at the science fair I participated in. I am kinda attached to it.